About Us

accountingSophie Perfect & Co Ltd. was founded in 2007.

We are an ambitious team of professionals with experience in accounting and tax law.

We offer:


 Both for legal entities and for individuals.

Here you will find a competent solution of accounting and administrative issues related to your business and in accordance with the latest legal requirements.

- Preparation of documents for a new company to the Registry Agency;

- Registration in NRA (National Registry Agency), printing, bank account, etc.

The necessary documents for the start of the activity;

- Subscription accounting services;

- Yearly accounting service;

- Preparation of annual tax returns;

Accounting and classification of accounting documents and preparation and presentation of annual financial reports and turnover books;
Preparation of annual tax returns under the Personal Income Tax Act and CITL by a qualified accountant;
Preparation and presentation of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute;
-Requesting VAT returns;

-VAT registrations and deregistration

- Recovery of VAT from the EU

-Intrastat declarations;

-Providing information to the NRA;

-Accounting community license action

-Consultations in the field of accounting and taxation;

- Consultancy and assistance for lending;


                                                                                                                  AND MORE:

Current processing of incoming and outgoing accounting documents according to NSS and IAS, preparation of tax returns, insurance, payment documents and data for NRA, working payroll;
Drawing salaries and payroll salaries, as well as carrying out all activities related to the management of the personnel and the persons employed under labor and civil relations;
Accounting for VAT, preparation and submission of monthly VIES declarations, accrual of taxes and fees due - based on VATA, PITA, CITA, LTLT;
Providing timely information and advice to implement optimal accounting policies and compliance with current tax legislation; Labor and legal advice;
Tax protection and participation in tax inspections;
Compilation of annual and interim financial statements;
Providing an auditor's certification of a FTO by a registered auditor;
Fixed assets - filing, preparation of depreciation plans, depreciation, inventories, periodical assessments and statistical reports;
Preparation of community license documents
Representation of the company to
-National Revenue Agency

-Administration Agency "Automobile Administration"

-Ministry of Transport

-National Insurance Institute

-Insurance companies


-Labour Inspectorate

- Throat medicine


We will perform appropriate Payroll calculations (including salary, bonuses and other irregular payments, sickness benefits, holidays, deductions, etc.), in accordance with your co-ordination procedures for permanent employee data such as:

We process variable monthly payroll information;
Responsible changes to employee records in Payroll Software;
We organize the calculation on a monthly basis of gross / net wages, social and health insurance, personal tax, etc.
We organize payment of wages and other pay-related payments via Internet banking or through written instructions.
Once we process incoming information, our Payroll Accountants can:

Prepare and submit all statutory reports, reports and declarations required by law;
Draw up summaries and summaries (gross / net salaries for employees, social security contributions and taxes, etc.);

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